Sunday, April 06, 2014

The Intolerant Left

Brendan Eich, the inventor of JavaScript (the programming language that makes all these interactivity on  your web browser possible), was forced down from his position as Mozilla CEO after backlash on the Internet over his $1000 donation to the Prop 8 (proposition to ban gay marriage) in California in 2008.

His position was not even a fringe position in 2008. Remember that Prop 8 passed.

This is a bad precedent. Putting a political litmus test on a private position is a bad bad idea. His private political view has nothing to do with his ability to do his job.

Imagine the uproar if another company CEO was forced down because she supports "pro choice" position over abortion?

Do we have to start asking political views for everyone applying for jobs?

  • Did you support Iraq war in 2003?
  • Do you own a SUV?
  • Are you a cadaver meat eater? (a.k.a not Vegan)
  • Did you purchase your dog or did you rescue it from the shelter?
  • Have you ever purchased non organic food product?
  • Did you purchase blood diamonds for your engagement ring?
  • Have you ever eaten the rare Blue Tuna sushi?
  • Do you own a gun?
  • Do you support Genetically Modified food?
  • Do you support reparation for slavery?
  • Have you ever hired an illegal immigrant?
  • Have you ever donated money to Republican/Democratic party?
  • Are you a member of a union?
  • Do you support gay marriage?
  • Have you ever dated a person of different race?
  • Do you support Palestine or Israel?
  • Did you donate to Green Peace?
  • Are you an atheist?
  • Do you have a sympathy for Socialism?
and the list goes on and on. 

Should we force you out from your job if you answer one of above question wrongly and label you as "animal killers, war mongers, Communist!, Socialists!, Anti Semite, heretics, murderer,...". Must we force you out from your scientific position if you have a religion? Aren't you too biased to be a border police if you are Latino? 

If we only work with people that we agree with, then this world become a much poorer place. No one has monopoly of the truth. When Liberals insist on tolerant and diversity, we must mean it. It must not just mean "people that agree on our positions". 

The ousting of Brendan Eich is a disgrace. 

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Jesse said...

the most disturbing thing for me is that the new style of "internet activism" is becoming like old-style tabloid journalism, and people think they are doing the world a favor when they make their activism exclusively online. the only effects it can have are on people or companies sensitive to public opinion. this would include internet companies and retailers. the traditional "bad boy" companies like heavy industry, utilities and financial services are more or less immune to things like twitter campaigns and online petitions.