Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The Egyptian Identity

This rant on YouTube pretty much encapsulate the mood on the Egyptian street. Below is an insightful analysis on what's underlying the anger on the street against Muslim Brotherhood.

For over 7,000 years, Egyptians have accumulated a diverse mixture of various identities – Pharoanic, Coptic, Arabic, Sunni, Shia, Mediterranean, Nubian, and Bedouin – all brought together in a big mixing pot that is called ‘Egypt’. The people have welcomed newcomers without compromising core values of tolerance and deep relation to the land, which has surprisingly been maintained within roughly the same borders for centuries. Egyptians have a long record of rejecting forced change by autocratic or colonial power; even Nasser’s Arab nationalism fell quickly after his death. Over the last year, Islamists in Egypt have assumed that winning the election was a license to change Egypt’s identity into a new Islamist one – an identity that they can’t even define or outline, and yet they’re consistently yelling at what they reject. This list is long and growing – from ballet to opera to satire. Nervana

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