Monday, July 01, 2013

Tahrir celebrates military's 48 hour ultimatum

I spent 2 hours in the square tonight and people were ecstatic.

People partied on the street as if Morsi has resigned. Well Morsi hasn't resigned and the Army's 48 hour ultimatum adds more fuel to the combustible mix of political crisis in Egypt.

The demand of Tamarod grass root protest movement is the call for an early Presidential election. This nascent movement has managed to collect millions of petition (it claimed 22 millions petitions) in less than three months and yesterday orchestrated the largest demonstrations Egypt has ever seen.

One of the point of these astonishingly large demonstration is to appeal to the military as the only institution that can force this demand of early election on the current government. There is no other institution in the country is capable to do so. There is no parliament in Egypt and the judicial branch has been under tremendous pressure and intimidation by the supporters of the Islamist government.

We are looking at an extremely popular Coup d'├ętat against an increasingly unpopular and undemocratic government.


Redneck Texan said...

This is something new ..... Millions of people celebrating when their military threatens a coup of an elected government.

These people seem to have confused democracy with prosperity.

I dont see prosperity on the horizon, regardless who, if anybody, is in the palace.

Prosperity requires productivity ..... rule of law .... low levels of corruption ..... not killing tourists ..... natural resources ..... and a sustainable food and energy supply.

The brotherhood wasn't ever going to bring prosperity to Egypt. Neither will the military .... nor will the secular liberals.

No matter who's in power, the other 2/3rds will try to sabotage them.

Egypt might be the most productive society on the continent ..... but that aint sayin' much.

There's not a lot of Egyptian made products in my local walmart ..... maybe some cotton fabric .... but what do they excel at producing, that the global economy needs?

The Dode said...

The anger towards Muslim Brotherhood goes beyond economy. People feel and think that Morsi's agenda is not Egypt. His agenda is Muslim Brotherhood and its plan to dominate the Middle East politics.

Think of it, it's the largest conservative Muslim country in the Middle East and people are hating their Islamist government. This alone is a sea change.

Egypt has its geography and natural beauty (in addition to thousands of history) to offer in the global economy. There are also pockets of excellence fabric, arts, and constructions.

Redneck Texan said...

Yes, I think the widespread rejection of the brotherhood is inspiring.

I just dont see a clear course to something that would keep the majority of Egyptians satisfied.

I'm surprised the brotherhood hasn't resorted to widespread organized violence targeted at it's detractors.

They're so good at exporting the means for others to do so.

Particularly their detractors among the upper military brass.

I'd look for Mosri to stack that deck asap.

The next election there ..... if there is one (Hamas has never had to stand for re-election in Gaza).... will be interesting.

Keep your head down DG