Monday, June 17, 2013

Why HongKong

Local Popular Support. The other day, Hong Kong legislative councillor Leung Kwok Hung launched a small protest in support of Snowden at the US Consulate, a curtain-raiser for the larger demonstration that's being planned for this Saturday. During the mini press conference at the gates of the consulate, a Chinese reporter asked Leung what was the relevance of Snowden's plight to Hong Kongers. Without missing a beat, he answered, "Do you use a mobile phone? Do you surf the web?". Unlike the reporter, most young people in Hong Kong aren't so clueless and they've made the connection: Snowden is standing up for the right to privacy of everyone who uses electronic communication, no matter where they live in the world. And they are embracing him as a cyber-crusader--last I looked, the front page poll of the South China Morning Post's online page was running 70-30 in support of Snowden.Corrent Wire

This is one of more insightful blog post regarding the NSA whistle blower's decision to run away to Hong Kong. 

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