Friday, June 14, 2013

The US is going to war (again)

You can forgive a president once – even though his misguided, counter-productive and destabilizing war in Libya was almost as nuts as this latest foray. But by deciding to arm the Sunni radicals fighting the Shiites in Syria and Lebanon, the president has caved to the usual establishment subjects who still want to run or control the entire world. I don’t buy the small arms qualifier. You know that’s the foot in the door to dragging the United States into the middle of a civil war we do not understand and cannot control. If it has any effect, it will be to draw out the conflict still longer and kill more people. More staggeringly, he is planning to put arms into the hands of forces that are increasingly indistinguishable from hardcore Jihadists and al Qaeda – another brutal betrayal of this country’s interests, and his core campaign promise not to start dumb wars. Yep: he is intending to provide arms to elements close to al Qaeda. This isn’t just unwise; it’s close to insane. Andrew Sullivan
You know my position on this. Middle East is a very strange and complicate place. Intervention or non intervention will bring blow back - which at this moment is unknown.

This upcoming US intervention to the Syrian war might still not happen if the Assad regime quickly realize that fighting a superpower full of war fighters who have been fighting multiple wars continuously for the past 12 years is not a winning proposition. 

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