Saturday, June 29, 2013

Protests across Egypt

Yesterday my neighborhood Dokki (about 2 KM away from Tahrir Sq) was eerily quiet but safe. Most people decided to limit their travel due to the planned protests and a severe shortage of Gasoline.

The protest at Tahrir sq was massive and peaceful. But this cannot be said of other protests elsewhere.

An American college kid interning at AMIDEAST was killed in Alexandria (Egypt's second largest city) yesterday after he was apparently stabbed in the chest while phone filming an attack-in-progress against a Muslim Brotherhood office (I think in Sidi Gaber). 5 people in total died in Alexandria protest.

Violent protests have targeted the local offices of Muslim Brotherhood's party many times in this year. What I fear is if the mass start to turn to the individual prominent figures, then we are going to see some serious clashes on the street.

So far in Cairo things are OK but the big day is tomorrow.

But the ugly head of sexual attacks in Tahrir continues
This video apparently showed of a foreign woman being escorted to safely from a mob in Tahrir

Russia Today has a good recap of yesterday's event.

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