Sunday, June 16, 2013

Change has finally come to Iran

Hassan Rowhani, a cleric backed by reformers and main figures in the Green Movement of 2009, vaulted to a majority win in the first round of Iran Presidential election. The original expectation was that he would face a second position mayor of Tehran in a run off election, but his astonishing result of over 50% in the first round completely negate the need for a run off election. 
Rohani adopted the key as his campaign symbol -- in what he called "a direct reference to the fact that the situation is locked" -- and often referred to his "Government of Deliberation and Hope."

He has called for improved foreign relations, and has pointed to Iran's immense material and physical resources as a way out of its economic crisis, which he blames on "individual decision-making, without consultation." Remedies, he says, can be found in tourism and greater involvement of the private sector in manufacturing.

Rohani has also supported greater freedom of expression and has pledged to free political prisoners. Radio Free Europe
It is heartening to see the potential change within Iran as it is a strategic country in the Middle East. It brings hope to a peaceful resolution to the nuclear program and integration of Iran back to the international economy. Iranians are awesome people and it looks like they are finally getting a President that match their awesomeness.  

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