Friday, May 24, 2013

Stockholm burns for the fifth night

Police in Stockholm are to seek reinforcements after youths set cars ablaze and threw stones at police for a fifth night running, officials said. 
About 30 cars were set on fire in poorer districts in north-western and south-western parts of the Swedish capital on Thursday night, with rioters causing widespread damage to property, including schools. However, a police spokesman said the overnight violence was less intense than in previous nights. 
Despite Sweden's reputation for equality, the rioting has exposed a faultline between a well-off majority and a minority, often young people with immigrant backgrounds, who cannot find work, lack education and feel marginalised. (Guardian)

These rioting immigrants aren't going to receive widespread sympathy. It's Sweden, for chrissake. As usual, there are more underlying issues when these type of situations happen but man, this has been going on for 5 nights straight.

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