Saturday, May 04, 2013

Kid Wisdom

I am subscribed to the The Listserve, a free list in which a person is granted the ability to write to the list once and for one day only. Today's entry is hilarious
Words of wisdom from kids (ages 10-14):

*Always wear socks
*Never let anyone take over your dreams
*Don't eat yellow snow (and if you find something brown on the ground, it's probably not chocolate)
*When people are nice to you, be nice back. It's like someone giving you a present and you giving one back.
*Life will be a lot easier if you mind your own business
*Never try to ride a shopping cart down a hill
*Don't be mouthy to your parents
*Pie makes everything better
*Go outside and do something with your life
*Keep calm; life goes on
*Mountains will crumble, oceans will freeze over, and whole cities will be destroyed if you are late for math class
*Never take a good friend for granted
*Never leave the empty milk carton in the fridge
*If you ever love two people, go with the second one because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn't have fallen in love again
*You don't need to use two sheets of toilet paperc just because it's etiquette or fancy; use what get the job done (that also applies to relationships and life choices... but mostly toilet paper)

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